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Hello, and welcome to my (hastily thrown together) website.

To be honest, when I decided to write some books, no one told me I'd have to market them myself. Ah, I hear you say, but you're an adman. That should be easy enough for an expert like you. 

I can tell you it isn't. I've created ads for some of the biggest brands on the planet and that was a doddle compared to pushing my own books out there. 

So here I go, trying to tell you a little bit about me and my books in the hope that you'll buy into my brand (ha ha) and we can become firm friends.

Luckily, we're off to a good start because I like you already – so thanks for stopping by.


Now I'll let you off the leash to click and scroll to your hearts content. It won't take long.


And if you'd like any more info, please contact me or subscribe for regular updates.


I constantly seek new challenges. I say yes much more than I say no. I've been out of my comfort zone so often, I don't even know what my comfort zone is. I am never bored. 


After four years in town planning (an aberration) and even less as a rock drummer, I finally found my niche as an advertising creative in London. I enjoyed some nice lunches, won a handful of awards, and met a lot of interesting people.


Later, disillusioned with traditional ad agencies, I co-founded a small consultancy with big ideas. It was the springboard for HYPtv, a television production company and emerging creative talent showcase. Along the way, I mentored numerous young filmmakers, helping them take their first steps into commercials, TV and film. They taught me a lot too. In 2017, I ventured into feature films, co-producing the New York Times Critics Pick Us and Them. It's worth a mere 83 minutes of your time.

I share a creaky 400-year-old cottage on the edge of London with rampant woodworm and my infinitely-patient author and book cover designer wife Berni Stevens. It's thanks to her encouragement that I started writing. Finally, I am able to create something pure for myself that hasn't involved a committee of people standing in judgement before it even sees the light of day. It's liberating.


When I'm not working, you'll find me exploring canyons in the high desert of south-east Utah searching for ancient ruins and rock art. And getting lost, which I can highly recommend. And being caught in a flash flood, which I can't. If you're interested, check out my Utah hiking website.

A Path of Life

Dark Ocean

Web of Lies

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GENRE WINNER FULL SIZE 2022 - Page Turner Awards Brand Badge By Kent Wynne (C)(1).png

"Not To Be Missed. If ever proof were needed that a good book doesn’t need a tortuously complicated plot, a high body count and gratuitous sex and violence then this is it." – Kevin Cannon, Reedsy

“Hilarious! Maddening, touching and endearing… breaks every mould and shatters every expectation.” – The International Review of Books

Check out all my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon

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Playing God is a dangerous game, even if you do write the rules and think they’re pretty neat.

Loner George Sanderson has an epiphany. He believes he has the power to influence fate and set the world to rights. Then out of the blue comes downtrodden Angela Hayworth. It’s a perfect opportunity to test his new ability.

But George soon discovers that playing games with people’s lives is fraught with danger. And when his own life starts to fall apart, he’s forced to confront the chilling truth…

Someone is manipulating him.

With his freedom and sanity at stake, George must fight for everything he holds dear – especially his lawn, his meat thermometer, and Angela’s flawless teeth.

Perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Ben Elton, Robert Goddard and Fredrik Backman, Hacking George will put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye as it drives you towards its startling end.

Coming summer 2024

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As AI devours jobs at an alarming rate, the UK government seeks a way to keep the unemployed content and workers motivated. A genius adman thinks he has the answer.

Cute is a satirical take on societal manipulation, accountability, addiction, and the consequences of unchecked power. Where the fate of a nation hangs in the balance, forcing citizens to question the price of efficiency and the true cost of living in an AI-driven world.

My Books
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"Filled with delightfully quirky characters and witty situations, the author takes a completely ordinary man, an accountant no less, and turns him into the unlikely hero of this highly entertaining story.... a delightful read that delivers great characters, an interesting plot and a satisfaction that at the end you’ve not been short changed."

 – Kevin Cannon, Reedsy

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“Sometimes you take a chance and you’re rewarded.”

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“Laugh-out-loud funny cosy crime fiction.”

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“One of the best novels I have read in a very long time."

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“Had me reading late into the night.”

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